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    Desktop Software

    Plaftom of highly advanced and portable software for PC/Mac/Linux architecture using NetBeans Platform. High visual appeal, data visualization, data design and text editors.

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    Mobile Applications

    Synergy of mobile application platform for handheld devices and commercial mobile devices.

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    Server Applications

    Advanced web application interfaces accessible through a Web browser. Wide range of front-end and back-end applications.

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    Industrial 3D Visualizations

    Platform of industrial 3D visualization of machines and processes.

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    Industrial mobile devices

    Applications targeting industrial portable devices equipped with Windows CE/Mobile Operating System

Geolocation & Maps


Custom map servers. Generation of maps from available various GIS formats and technical documentation. Maps sharing across all platforms (server, desktop, mobile)



Fast and reliable communication between servers and hundreds of remote devices. Optimization of data transfer for any communication channel: GSM, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Leaky Feeder

Security & Safety


Safe exchange of information. Work in heterogeneous systems. Ability to deploy systems with ondemand mode as well as for enterprise private networks.